Lean Scaleup Roundtable: How to secure corporate assets and capabilities

by Lean Scaleup | October 5, 2023
Lean Scaleup Roundtable: How to secure corporate assets and capabilities


Idea 1: Strategic Engagement with Core Functions. Contrary to common belief and practice, it’s unrealistic to expect corporate functions to be instantly ready when a corporate startup should be scaled up. Core functions typically operate with a focus on processes, productivity, and predictability to ensure flawless execution of established business models. To facilitate effective engagement, corporate startups should involve Core functions throughout the process ‘Discovery -> Ideation -> Validation + Build’ before they operationally align for Scaling-Up.

Additional modules from the Lean Scaleup framework, such as “Leadership aligning NOW and NEW” and “One-company mindset,” are needed for supporting this engagement process.

Idea 2: Establishing an Explicit Collaboration Model. An explicit collaboration model is necessary to formalize the operational alignment between Core and the corporate startup.

Effective collaboration models have three levels. Level 1 is the alignment with Core’s planning and tracking systems, primarily discussed with Senior Management. Level 2 is about defining roles, responsibilities, and success sharing, primarily discussed at Middle Management level. Level 3 is about the actual collaboration between Core and scaleup team members. Given the potential differences in cultural backgrounds, person-to-person collaboration requires careful design and attention.

Idea 3: Empowered Functional Tags. To facilitate access to Core’s assets and capabilities, it’s essential to have ‘functional tags’ in relevant functions. They are the ones who translate the requirements of the new business model into the established processes and systems of the organization. To fulfill their mission, these individuals need to be empowered by Senior Management to use light-weight processes instead of cumbersome corporate procedures that govern day-to-day operations.


“Visibility is a steppingstone to achieve C-suite backing and support that an effective engagement strategy requires.”

“People might be collaborative, but the two systems NOW and NEW are not collaborative per se. At the personal level, it will often be a task/relationship conflict.”


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