Lean Scaleup™

A reliable, credible solution to the business building challenge of your company.

The building blocks: A suitable idea-to-scale process, effective leadership actions and empowering people and culture.

Reliable Success Formula.

The Lean Scaleup – A framework for corporate business building, from idea to scale.

Best Practices in corporate entrepreneurship, co-created by 20+ industry-leading companies and 2 business schools.

It extends proven principles for the early stage of innovation (Lean Startup, etc.) to an end-to-end process. It integrates the corporate context and corporate decision-making, from Day One to Scaling-Up. It clarifies the people and the culture you need at the critical interfaces.


Structure The Journey

Dual Leadership

Provide Purpose And Context


Unleash People To Do The Extraordinary

Don't Waste Time.

Staying in the comfort zone of the proven business model is not an option in many industries. Fast-growing startups may harm your margins with a thousand cuts and Digital-savvy incumbents may top your value proposition.

If you are like most Senior Managers, then growing your revenues and future-proofing the company is at the top of your agenda. Yet, the bulk of just the operational challenges and the ups and downs of a regular business leaves little room for multi-year ambitions such as business-building.

Below are some common concerns that keep Senior Managers like you from investing into future-proofing their business. We take these concerns serious. One must not endanger the existing cash cow. We share some of the arguments why you should not let them get in the way of securing your company’s future.

"We have a business to run. We can’t just change everything."

Embracing business building does NOT mean that you need to change everything. We see that in serial business builders, 5-15 percent of staff are affected. Plus adjustments to processes and funding/governance schemes.

Keep in mind that 55 percent of large European companies have business building as a top-3 corporate priority. So in our view it is not the question IF you should be preparing for business building, but rather WHEN - the sooner, the better.

With the right mindset and an effective approach such as the Lean Scaleup you can take a closer look at your portfolio of opportunities and advance the suitable ventures, one step at a time.

Maybe we should discuss a SWOT analysis of your company's business building set-up? This would give you a good insight where and how your company needs to change to be at eye level with the leaders.
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"We don’t have time or creativity for such an approach."

This is perhaps the most commonly heard discussion point – that crafting your approach to business building will cost you too much time and that you’re not up to the task.

The Lean Scaleup offers a step-by-step methodology that brings structure to the creative process. It can be applied in various levels of implementation speed and impact potential.

By helping you ask the right questions about your business, a Lean Scaleup process - facilitated by our experts - makes sure that you stay focused and effective on your path towards creating new market space while building alignment in your organization.

Maybe we should discuss how to build a common language between day-to-day-business and Innovation to have a good basis for deep-dive discussions?
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"This might look good on paper, but it’s not practically feasible."

It’s true that a Best Practice framework is not much use if it can’t be executed.

But just have a look at the references on this web site - leading companies apply the Lean Scaleup.

But of course, there are many more examples where companies big and small invested into business building and stood apart from the competition.

Consider Amazon, Fujifilm, Merck, W. R. Grace, DSM, IBM, Kirin, Hearst, EMC, Kloeckner, The New York Times, R. R. Donnelley, and many more.

Why not be one of them? Maybe we should discuss a SWOT analysis of your company's business building set-up? In this process, you would also get insights into what other companies are doing in those areas that matter most to you.
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"We already work with the Lean Startup and feel that this is good enough."

More than 80 percent of large companies rely on the Lean Startup when it comes to outside-of-the box innovations. This is good - but not good enough.

The stats tell you that only 1 out of 8 corporate startups make it to scale and only 25% of the winners create annual revenues of more than USD 50M.

There are two deeper reasons why the Lean Startup is necessary, but not sufficient: It was never designed for corporate startups, hence the corporate context is missing. And the Lean Startup focuses on the early stages only and not at the end-to-end journey.

Reach out to us and we can discuss in more detail. Our clients confirm: moving to the Lean Scaleup is the next level up in corporate entrepreneurship.
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Now Is The Time To Act!

Scaling-Up excellence is not an option. It is a MUST.

Hear the top-3 reasons why your company should take the next level in corporate entrepreneurship, by using the Lean Scaleup framework.

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The References.

Companies that co-created / work with The Lean Scaleup framework.

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