85% Of Corporate Startups Fail After MVP.

Lean Scaleup helps companies to solve the scaling challenge in innovation.

For corporate incubators, accelerators, startups and venture builders, the Lean Scaleup is a practical and systematic approach to corporate business building.

For Senior Management, the Lean Scaleup is the missing piece in corporate entrepreneurship.

The Problem.

Companies launch corporate startups to create new revenue streams and to transform the company. However,


of corporate startups fail on their journey.
They do not make it to scale.

The result: No new revenue streams. No transformation. The Innovation function is seen as ‘innovation theater’ – a costly hobby but not a driver for growth.

Your Company’s Problem?

Three quick litmus tests tell you if your company needs to act.

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What Keeps YOU
Awake At Night?

Meet our clients.

Like you, they are from industry-leading companies.
Corporates who excel in their current business models while at the same time wanting to explore and create new businesses.

Like you, they have a mandate to transform and to create.
They lead innovation centers, Digital labs, corporate incubators / accelerators or corporate startups.

Like you, they ran into challenges.
Scaling outside-of-the-box innovations is hard. It requires careful alignment of the proven NOW with the uncertain NEW.

They applied the Lean Scaleup.
What did they get? Business impact in the market. Increased reputation inside the company.

CEO, Corporate spin-out and Head of BU, USD 20B Construction company
Is our venture ready for Scaling-Up?

We have designed a business model innovation and conducted some validation.

But we are not fully convinced that our innovation is ready to be scaled.

What are we missing? Are we ready to invest significant resources and take the concept to scale?

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VP, Innovation Lab, Globally leading Automotive company
How should we transition our venture to Scaling-Up?

We created our business model innovation in the ecosystem and validated it with rigor. We already have the first paying customers.

But the company is not prepared for scaling up new business models. Culture, funding & governance, and access to customers are designed to execute today’s business model – but not for scaling a new one.

What are the critical few things we need to prepare to create a well-aligned set-up for Scaling-Up success?

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Chief Business Incubation Officer, USD 7B Software company
How can we de-risk and accelerate our incubator’s ventures?

Our incubator has been running now for some years. We had a few successes.

But on a broad scale, we need to upgrade our business creation and validation approach. There needs to be more alignment, more dynamic and more controlled risk-taking.

What are leading companies doing in these areas? What do I need to do to get our approach to a best-in-class “Diligent Entrepreneurship” approach?

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VP, Transformation Leader, Fortune 10
How do we create a startup-like autonomy in the corporate context?

Senior Leadership gave us the mandate to create new business models. Now we need to figure out how to work together.

How do we “prove” the case with a lot of unknowns? How do establish a suitable funding & governance model? How do we move at pace and at scale in the corporate context?

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SVP, Corporate Technology, Fortune 10
How can we reduce tensions between Core business and the Innovation unit?

Our company has lots of ideas and great technology. We also have heaps of PoCs and MVPs – but they do not achieve scale.

We are not good enough in building new businesses. It takes us ages to make a few baby steps.

I’d like to pinpoint where we are stumbling and how we could improve. This helps me to win C-suite for aligning Core and Innovation to foster new businesses.

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Leader, corporate startup,
Major player in a service industry
How can we secure corporate support beyond funding?

We validated that our corporate startup is ‘worthy to be scaled’ and ‘ready to be scaled’ and received the funding to go from 3 to 30 customers.

Having stakeholder trust is good, but not good enough. We need corporate IT to integrate with back-end systems and sales functions to get customer access.

However, these functions can’t support us due to their agenda. How can I arrange a win/win agreement with the relevant corporate units?

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CEO, Business Area, Globally leading FMCG company
Our business building needs a SWOT analysis.

We are problem-aware: 55% of European companies sees business building a top-3 corporate priority – but success rates are low.

We are also aware of the limitations that our current business model imposes on us.

When it comes to build new businesses – where should we start, where do we want to go and how does the roadmap look like that gets us there?

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The Framework.

The Lean Scaleup™ – A systematic approach to corporate businesses building. Actionable and practical.

Co-created by 20+ industry-leading companies and 2 excellent business schools.

The thesis: To solve the scaling challenge, your company needs to make two distinct value creation systems work together: Winning the NOW (some call this Exploit or Perform) and Create the NEW (Explore or Transform).

This requires an end-to-end process, effective Leadership activities and the right people and culture in the interface.


Learn more about the Lean Scaleup™ framework and what sets it apart.
The Framework
I learned so much and got much help from our exchange and the Lean Scaleup framework.
Head Strategic Venture Collaboration
Truck Company
The Lean Scaleup framework touches on and addresses a real pain point in corporate innovation.
Venture Lead
(Unicorn) Corporate Startup
The Lean Scaleup is a detailed playbook to help executives crack the Scaling-Up challenge.
Professor and Dean
London Business School
If we would have had the Lean Scaleup toolbox back then, it would have saved us a lot of time and money.
Global Head
Corporate Startup, 400x growth in 3 years
I like the Lean Scaleup thesis – clear, challenging, evidence based with a set of clear principles for scaling.
USD 10B FMCG company
Clearly the best-in-class framework for business building in a corporate context.
Head, Business Model Incubator
USD 7B Software company

The Book.

Why is business building mandatory?

Why is it so challenging?

What does it take to beat the odds?

Why is the Lean Scaleup superior?

Benefit from the framework that helped dozens of companies around the world achieve superior returns on their innovation initiatives.
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The References.

Companies that co-created / work with the Lean Scaleup framework.

Amadeus’ client testimonial.

Nexwave is Amadeus’ business incubator. Our client Steve Kopp leads Nexwave’s incubation office, in charge of strategy, governance, operations, portfolio management and marketing & communications.

In a recent video, Steve shared why Nexwave decided to replace its existing approach to business building and how he sees the fruits of our collaboration emerging.

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  • B2B
  • B2C
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Financial Services
  • Mobility & Logistics
  • Process Industries
  • TIME industries
Lafarge Holcim
Mott Macdonald
Post Finance
Volvo Group

Bounce Forward.

To prepare for post-crisis growth, leading companies adjust their innovation approach and scale up a few, selected corporate start-ups and ventures.

Get in touch with us to benefit from their thinking.

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