Lean Scaleup Roundtable: How to align NEW and NOW?

by Lean Scaleup | May 9, 2023
Lean Scaleup Roundtable: How to align NEW and NOW?


Idea 1: Three views to look for alignment.

1a) Along the end-to-end journey.
From ‘What are meaningful search fields?’ to ‘Scaling-Up’

1b) The soul / the identity of the company
NOW will soon be a thing of the past. NEW might not be fully clear. Leadership needs to take the company along on this journey

1c) The goal system of the company on various levels which shapes individual views and behaviors

Idea 2: The way Leadership views NOW is crucial for storytelling and the framing of the search fields / the journey from NOW to NEW.

Think about Kodak vs Fujifilm. Two companies, same size, same challenge. One company lost, the other prospered. The one company was in the business of ‘selling films so that consumers can watch images’ – the other company was in the ‘surface chemistry’ business.

Idea 3: It’s unfair to charge small corporate startups with the task to solve corporate dilemmas – internal dilemmas (e.g., a product company that is not prepared to process monthly subscriptions from x-as-a-service business models) or external dilemmas (e.g., channel conflicts). Most likely they will fail.

Leadership needs to take on these challenges and lay the tracks on which the corporate startups can run.


“I like the sharing of experiences. Good to see that we in South Africa have comparable problems as European companies.”

“I liked the questions that were put up. I can take them to my Leadership and work on them.”


How do you get your Leadership to understand the NEW and raise their appetite to future-proof the company = aligning NOW and NEW?