Upgrade your new-business building.

Pinpoint where your corporate startup/scaleup is on its journey.
Get an outside-in view on your new-business building framework.
Define the decisive actions to nudge the corporate environment.

The Lean Scaleup new-business building assessment

Helps to pinpoint the status of the corporate venture / the portfolio and the corporate context.
It gives you the actions at the ventures need to get to the next stage of business graduation / the next funding round.
And it details the actions in the corporate context that accelerate and de-risk new-business building.

This is for you, if you…

  • lead a business model incubator or accelerator
  • are head of a corporate startup / scaleup
  • are a corporate stockholder who is concerned about the company’s capability to build new businesses

What you see

  • Budgets are getting tighter
  • Innovation focus is shifting – More ‘safe bets’ that support Core, more adjacencies than ‘moonshot exploration’
  • Less tolerance for ‘innovation theater’ – Innovation is asked to work closer to Core
  • Increasing impatience – Discussions about funding the next stage are becoming more difficult

The missing piece

  • You are aware of the problem: Your new-business building frameworks do not consistently produce successes
  • Lean Startup was never designed for the corporate context – it only generates innovation theater (Steve Blank, ‘father of the Lean Startup’)
  • When you speak with your peers from other companies, they tell you it’s the same thing in their companies.
  • Your search for the solution: What’s the new perspective that unblocks the situation?

Take the next step now

  • The solution is available right now
  • It is proven
  • Other companies already work with it

There is no time to waste

  • Secure the work and the investments that went into what you have built so far
  • Create an impact in a changing internal set-up
  • Show the organization that transformation is possible
  • Leave a mark on your company


Book a call

What we should do

  • Let’s sit together for an hour
  • Get insights into Best Practices in new-business building
  • An approach that we have co-created with 20+ leading companies and 2 business schools
  • We made it actionable for practitioners like you

Benefits from our initial conversation

You get ideas…

  • how a solution could look like
  • how the roadmap could look like
  • what the next two steps could be

Here’s what one of our clients says

My name is Steve Kopp. I lead the Incubation Office of Nexwave, Amadeus’ Business Model Incubator. My team and I are responsible for strategy, governance, operations,  portfolio management, investments, marketing, and communications.

We were somewhat happy about the progress of our ventures. The question that kept me up at night was: ”which of these ventures are really worthy to be scaled, and which of those are additionally ready to be scaled?”

I reached out to Frank Mattes, the thought leader in corporate entrepreneurship. Judging by my peer discussions, we now have a best-in class incubation approach.

A proven approach

  • You will be in good company.
  • Apart from Amadeus, you find companies like Volvo Group, bp, Philips, and Continental on our client list.
  • One corporate scaleup achieved 400x growth in 3 years. Its leader says, “If we had the Lean Scaleup toolbox back then, it would have saved us a lot of time and money.”

New-business assessment: 3 benefits

  • Accurately assess the status of the corporate venture / the portfolio and the corporate context
  • Detail required actions to get to the next stage of business graduation / the next funding round
  • Detail short-term and mid-term actions in the corporate context that accelerate and de-risk new-business building

How it works

  • Step 1: A free initial call to see if the new-business assessment is right for you. An optional free second call with your team and/or stakeholders.
  • Step 2: We conduct the assessment. Some interviews, some document analysis. A few weeks. You get a report and a presentation of the results (see below).
  • Step 2, optional: We add a company-internal survey and a management workshop to create alignment and momentum.
  • Step 3: Coaching that supports the implementation. We discuss progress and actions that accelerate your journey.

What you get

  • A clear view on where exactly your corporate startups and the deliverables that need to be achieved to qualify for the next funding round
  • An assessment of your new-business building framework so that you have solid rails on which the corporate startups run
  • A view on what is missing in the corporate environment so that you have a ‘new-business Building set-up for success’


Let’s get the ball rolling.

Book a free discovery call and let’s discuss how we can help turning your ambitions into outcomes.

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