The Roundtable.

A (free) meeting of minds with peer practitioners and experts.
We share Best Practices, one particular new-business building topic at a time.

What you get: Acceleration of your learning cycle.
Fresh perspectives, illuminating examples, confirmation of your plans.

Who Will You Meet At The Roundtable?

Business building is a rather new discipline. There is not a textbook solution for success.

Leading companies progress by discussing case studies and the critical issues. They make more and better distinctions about what works and what doesn’t.

The Lean Scaleup roundtables provide a space for these discussions.

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C-level and Senior Management

“We are not getting a good return from off-Core innovation activities. Transformation success is at risk.

I want to pinpoint where we struggle and learn how we could improve.”

Innovation Center/Corporate Innovation

“Innovations don’t scale because the Core’s processes aren’t built for supporting out-of-the box concepts.

I need to nudge the Core to be more supportive.”

Corporate Venture and Corporate Venture Capital

“We have many promising options, but we need to double-down on a few.

I want to stress-test our venture-building and identify high-impact improvements.”

Invitation To Join.

Join our (free) Lean Scaleup virtual roundtable to meet with your peers and experts.

Sharpen your focus on critical challenges, and explore best practices for overcoming them.

After the roundtable, receive a summary of key discussion points for your reference.

Save Me A Seat
Best Practices, real-life examples and case studies. The "How To." Insights from studies and from our client advisory work.
The decisive factors to solve the challenges and grow. How to test what promises to be a good solution.
Lively and engaged debates. Every view counts. Finding the common ground and the specifics.
How to structure the journey from the present to the solution. How to build internal alliances and C-suite support.

The Participants' Voices.

The Lean Scaleup provides a great framework for corporates who are seriously looking to convert innovation investments into business impact.
Daniele Dondi,
Lead CoE Business Design & Ops
In these turbulent times, the Lean Scaleup provides a route map. It’s an approach built through practice in the field and results from real work supporting companies facing existential challenges.
David Gilmour,
bp Launchpad
Corporates often face challenges in creating successful businesses from breakthrough innovations. The Lean Scaleup offers a practical framework to tackle these challenges.
Nina Teng, London Business School & University of Oxford
Startup Researcher
The Lean Scaleup methodology is based on lessons learnt from real cases and failures. That is why it is so relevant, powerful and ready for use.
Sylvie Dubois-Decool,
Vallourec Group
Innovation Director
The Lean Scaleup is a pragmatic guide to dramatically increasing return on investment in digital innovation.
Jeroen Tas,
Royal Philips
Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer, Member of the Executive Committee
Lean Scaleup is a practical how-to guide to make an impact happen. The ingredients that make the magic of scalability real.
Sören Lauinger,
B. Braun Group
VP C ooperations, Innovations & Interfaces

The Roundtables.

Every month, we host a (free) virtual roundtable, dedicated to one particular challenge in business building within a corporate.

Here are the upcoming roundtables:

April 04, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to make the case for new-business building?
Reducing complexity, a solid language, some statistics - and how to raise the corporate appetite?
May 02, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to align NEW and NOW?
Identifying NEW / NOW touch points in the innovation journey - and how to drive future-proofing the company?
June 06, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to do a SWOT analysis on the corporate business building capability?
Identifying areas for improvement and Quick Wins for your company.
August 01, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to set up to ensure stakeholder perseverance?
Ensuring long-term support from Senior Management and embedding support into the system.
September 05, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to define the best set of metrics?
Defining metrics that benefit NEW and NOW - and both of them at the same time.
October 03, 2023
16:00 CEST
How to turn corporate assets into an unfair advantage?
Giving NEW a boost and an unfair advantage using NOW's assets and capabilities.
November 07, 2023
16:00 CET
How to secure flexibility in Scaling-Up?
Keeping the startup spirit alive and remaining agile in the corporate context while scaling rapidly.
December 05, 2023
16:00 CET
How to integrate a scaled-up business into an operative BU?
Making NOW the organizational home for the NEW.
January 09, 2024
16:00 CET
How to accelerate via startup acquisition?
How to arrange 'programatic startup M&A' and how to integrate acquired startups.

Your Challenge?

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Your Hosts.

Apart from corporate practitioners, you will meet Lean Scaleup experts at the roundtable.

Seasoned consultants with decades of experience, a ‘let’s do it’ attitude and dozens of successful projects.

Frank Mattes
CEO & Founder, Lean Scaleup
Corporate Innovation advisor (up to Fortune 10), serial author on corporate business-building (“Lean Scaleup” and “Scaling-up Corporate Startups”) and keynote speaker.
Rob Munro
Lean Scaleup Partner
25-year corporate career in corporate innovation strategy, business building and technology scaling. Specialist for technology-intensive industries.
Sertaç Oral
Sertaç Oral
Lean Scaleup Partner
More than 25 years of experience in engineering, sales, marketing and business development. Expert in business model innovation and corporate venture building / Scaling-Up. Startup mentor.
Brian Mooney
Lean Scaleup Partner
More than 20 years experience in scaling corporate innovation initiatives, including digital and sustainability ventures. Strategist, entrepreneur, investor, technologist.
Ofer HaCohen
Lean Scaleup Partner
More than 20 years of experience in business and technology, including Head of AT&T Innovation Center in Israel, Head of Product Management, and startup mentor.

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